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POLICE DEPARTMENT Berks County, Pennsylvania

Patrol Division

Patrol Division 

The Patrol Division, which operates under the command of a Patrol Lieutenant, is the most visible and recognizable division in the Police Department.  Officers in uniform and driving our classically marked back and white cruisers, are charged with keeping our community safe and developing a partnership with our neighbors.  Exeter Township is divided into four patrol zones varying in size depending on call volume and population.   

The Exeter Township Police Department (ETPD) operates on the concept of Community Oriented Policing, which involves a partnership between the officers and the citizens.  Patrol Officers work in rotating zones and work 12 hour rotating shifts.  This allows the officers and the citizens to work together to prevent and solve problems.

The Patrol Division is the largest division within the department consisting of four patrol platoons plus the Traffic Safety and K-9 Units.  All sworn ETPD personnel serving in an officer position have served in the Patrol Division at one point in their career.

Patrol Platoons- The four platoons, consisting of 5 or 6 officers, are lead by Patrol Sergeant.  The uniformed officers answer calls for police service on a 24-hour a day basis. The Township is divided into 4 zones, with officers being assigned to each zone. This allows officers to concentrate on smaller areas and decrease officer response time.

  • Traffic Safety Unit - Traffic Safety Unit (TSU) is made up of uniformed officers and lead by a Traffic Sergeant. The TSU’s primary objective is to increase the safety of our neighborhoods through vehicle code enforcement. The TSU also monitors and inspects commercial vehicle traffic traveling through the Township. 
  • K-9 Unit - The ETPD’s K-9s and their handlers have a variety of duties.  Our K-9s are trained to detect either narcotics or explosives and will also assist in searches of buildings, vehicles or open areas.  They will also track fugitives or lost and endangered subjects.  The K-9 handlers also participate in community events and policing demonstrations for the public.
  • Bicycle Patrol – The ETPD and has several patrol officers who are cross-trained as Bicycle Patrol Officers under the IPMBA standards.  Bicycle officer may been seen at public events, on our trail system or occasionally patrolling Exeter neighborhoods.   police bike