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POLICE DEPARTMENT Berks County, Pennsylvania

Special Units

K-9 Unit

The Exeter Township Police Department is fortunate to have one of the premiere K-9 Units in the area.  The Unit consists of three handler/dog teams.   The Unit currently maintains one explosives detection and two narcotics detection teams.  All three police dogs are cross-trained in patrol and tracking duties.  Handlers and their K-9 partners are assigned to a patrol platoon, therefore providing the citizens of Exeter 24-hour protection. 

The ETPD employs several Officers who are cross-sworn as Berks County Detectives.  These officers are able to operate with county-wide jurisdiction.  The officers who are members of the Berks County Narcotics Task Force conduct investigations, surveillance, and execute search warrants both within the Township lines and beyond.   These Officers receive special training,  are wiretap certified and report directly to the Lieutenant in charge of investigations.  The ETPD also enjoys a special relationship with federal agencies, including the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).     

Berks County Emergency Response Team (B.C.E.R.T)
The Exeter Township Police Department has several officers who deploy with the countywide Berks County Emergency Response Team (B.C.E.R.T).  The ETPD has officers attached to both the Negotiator and S.W.A.T. elements of the team.  These officers are highly skilled and train regularly with their fellow B.C.E.R.T.  members.